Dimension SST 1200es

We have access to a large number of 3D printers on campus. Many students have also assembled or designed and built their own versions for home. The school has about (15) 3D Printers and continues to add more. Some of the more notable 3D printers we have include a Stratasys Dimension 1200es that prints in ABS plastic, several Ultimaker 2s, a Makergear M2, and assorted Makerbots and Printrbots.

Epilog Helix 24

The Epilog laser cutter allows us to cut and engrave a variety of materials very accurately and quickly, while being almost as easy as sending a document to a laser printer. This is integral to our prototyping workflow as low cost materials such as cardboard and thin wood can be used to construct perfectly scaled profile parts and assemblies quickly.

Roland 3D Laser Scanner

Laser scanning or "digitizing" utilizes lasers and optics to measure and record the distance to an object from a fixed point. Many points are captured leading to scan lines and finally surfaced CAD models. Fully enclosed (water-tight) surfaced models are routinely used for animation and for 3D printing as well as for data in more traditional manufacturing methods such as mold making. Students use this technology to copy objects, make improvements and then reproduce them in full or scaled sizes.

Abrasive WaterJet Machine

Our Flow Mach 2 AWJ is the flagship machine in the Makerspace. It allows us to cut 2D profiles out of almost any sheet stock of up to about 2 or 3 inches thick. AWJ technology uses a high-pressure stream of water laced with garnet (the abrasive particles on sandpaper) to pierce and erode its way along a CAD path. The waterjet makes manufacturing metal parts quick, easy and precise.

Haas Mini Mill 2

The Haas Mini Mill 2 is another highlight in our Makerspace. Made by Haas, one of the best manufacturers of CNC mills in the world, it is used for the production of metal parts of various sizes and shapes. With the use of CAD/CAM software, a huge assortment of 3D parts can be milled, drilled, pocketed etc. on this machine out of just about any industrial material.