Home of the Titanium Knights!

The Titanium Knights are an engineering sports team representing Bergen County Academies, a technical magnet high school in Bergen County, New Jersey. While our school focuses on STEAM, students have diverse passions, interests and skills. Since our team’s humble beginnings back in 2000, students have been successful at a number of competition events and moved on to great careers.

Past team members have won top honors at BattleBotsIQ, Panasonic Creative Design Challenge, SkillsUSA, Rumble at the Rock, Rage in the Cage, Pennsylvania Bot Blast, Lemelson-MIT, the LED Challenge, US FIRST and the Extreme Redesign Challenge along with many others. As you may know, Makerspaces are open community labs where members with common interests gather to share resources, knowledge, career networking and to build new devices. Our high school and adult school Makerspaces are well-equiped and ready to help our students succeed.

The "MAKE Project/Club" is the new home base for our Titanium Knights. Students become masters of engineering technologies, serve as mentors to others, and pursue a wide variety of science and engineering related projects, hobbies, competitions and hacks.

For more information, contact Mr. DeFalco at: jdefalco@bergen.org